Technologies  of  Thermical influence  on  the  reservoir

The main goal of these technologies is to increase the production rate by thermobaric effect  on reservoirs  and fluids. 


The technology  consists  in the  injection  of  mixtures  of  chemicals to the  downhole  area. The injected mixtures of chemicals react with each other downhole and  inside the formation. As  a result  of  the chemical  reaction  a  huge  amount of  gas  is emited. Due to  this thepressure & temperature in the  treated area  are significantly  increased. 


Depending  on  the  composition of  the  reaction   mixtures, the result  of the  treatment  is  the creation   of a  network of  new  fractures in the productive formation which increases  the permeability  of the  near-wellbore  area,  and also  thermal  effect on  the  formation fluid – oil  or  gas condensate – with  the  conversion of  heavy hydrocarbon molecules  in gas or  gasoline  molecules. Because of physical effect which is created in the formation (the -fractures) this technology is comparable to hydro fracturing. 

These technologies are appliedin wells with low-permeability reservoirs, and / or high-viscosity oil, as well as in case of formation of gas condensate in the areas of depression cones.

Technologies for  isolation  of formation  water  inflow

The main goal of these technologies is to stop or decrease the water inflow  from  the formation  to    the well,  and  decrease  the expenses  on  the treatment  of  extracted oil  for  its transportation.


The mixture of chemicals is designed based on specific condition of each well and can be based on mineral blockers, polymers, or hydrophobizators.

Acid Treatment Technology

For acidizing, most of the well services companies use Hydrochloric Acid, what  implies in  several  cases  many  adverse effects,  such  as  oil  bituminization, reservoir  skeleton’s destruction,  impossibility  of  far formation area’s  treatment  due to  the  high reaction  rate, etc.

We created  a new acid solution based on a mixture of organic acids & phosphoric acid which has not the  above  mentioned negative  effects,  and has  the following advantages: 

  • The higher reaction time of this solution increases the radius of treatment in the productive formation.
  • Our acid solution is applicable for both carbonate and sand formations. In formations with clay, it doesn’t make any  clay  hydration, and doesn’t  reduce  the  permeability  of the  productive  formation.
  • In comparison to Hydrochloric Acid, our acid solution has lower corrosive effects on metallic surface of casing and tubing.

Temporary Well Killing Technology

ESPROENKO has introduced a new technology for temporary well killing. In this technology, a high density solution is injected to the well. This solution at temperature & pressure of wellbore, will turn to a strong homogenous jelly structure which is stable and long lasting in well conditions. The viscosity  of jelly is high enough to prevent  the penetration  of  the killing  fluid in  the formation. Killing the well by this method is very fast and the whole process will take only few hours.

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